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The kernel in OE dev branch should work on tosa now. Also minor updates in nearly all project parts...
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Posted by: lumag

First, as I've finally received good report of problems with the kernel in OE (thanks Anthony Callegaro!!!), I've managed to fix the 2.6.24 kernel in dev branch. Now it should boot on tosa w/o any problems. Also I hope I'll be able to add tosa support to OE 2.6.26 kernel. This is a bit tricky, as I didn't use 2.6.26 here. Or maybe I'll wait for somebody to add linux-rp-2.6.27 recipe.

Unfortunately I was very busy IRL, so the patch flow to mainline kernel has suffered a bit. The 2.6.28 probably will contain support for FB on tosa, but won't contain a patch enabling it. Also most of development efforts were suspended. There are few patches nearly ready here, that I'll try to submit in time to get them into 2.6.29, but I won't promise anything.

Support for FB emulation was merged into QEmu. No support for accelerator commands, but that may follow later. You can disable accelerator in kernel config anyway. Keyboard support is nearly finished also, so tosa emulation will be more usable soon.

In the effort to debug the infamouse "linking bug" that requires zImage padding I've enabled my qemu to load tosa ROM. It starts but soon after that starts blinking LEDs. Seems that I'll have to finish NAND emulation to make it at least partially work.

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