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ToDo, Bugs and Problems

  1. Resume problems — I think I'll have to only implement BAT[01]_LOW handling.
  2. wm97xx isn't detected sometimes. Maybe it's related to the fact that I kexec the developing kernel, so it doesn't get fully reset. It's high priority because batteries and touchscreen are routed through the wm9712 chip. — mostly workarounded by using patch from RP patchseries to reset codec in a loop.
  3. Split tosa-power to use class_power & company.
  4. Debug acceleration reenable problems of tmio fb driver.
  5. wm97xx can't resume properly — again workarounded by patch from RP patchset.
  6. The tmio_ohci needs to store full SRAM in a buffer during suspend/resume. Check if this is also necessary for the tmiofb (code was there but got removed)
  7. Denoise touchscreen samples by synchronising with VGA sync signal
  8. The bootloader can charge the battery till 4.2V, but I get "full" signal near 4.0V. Check how to enable full charging.
  9. Dyntics breaks resume at 2.6.24.
  10. pxa2xx_udc isn't working with recent (2.6.24-rc6) kernels. — patch proposed, but not yet in mainline
  11. Check linux-wlan-ng. Maybe support for USB Prism2 cards can be merged with hostap and/or ported to some newer API.
  12. Check whether we can use deferred io fb framework for tmiofb to remove hack from xserver.

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