Some success with Prism2/HostAP

Gained some success on the path of HostAP support for USB cards
Category: Hardware
Posted by: lumag

Recently I was hacking HostAP driver to support Prism2 USB cards (like one found in tosa). What can I say? USB and PCMCIA/PCI cards have a lot in common, but also they differ a lot.

I've hacked some kind of driver that is able communicate with the card itself (in most cases) and tries to communicate with outer world (he-he). Today after fixing some minor issues, I was able to upload (volatile-only, no NV support yet) most recent firmware and after that the card was able to start associating with my WPA2 access point. However it didn't succeed on this path (yet).

I'm still struggling on the TX path (the spec doesn't seem to follow hardware). No error handling at all, so driver needs lots of 'improvements' :).

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